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Feargal Logan

Logan and Corry Solicitors

Church House, 24 Dublin Road



BT78 1HE

028 82 250 400

LLB Honours Degree, Queen’s University Belfast. Certificate of Professional Legal Studies, Institute of Professional Legal Studies (Queen’s University Belfast). Solicitor Advocate (Law Society NI). Mediator (Law Society NI Trained).

Areas of Practice

Broad Civil practice involving mediation, arbitration and litigation.
Criminal and matrimonial experience.
Alternative dispute resolution involving athletes and sporting bodies.

Pen Portraits

Feargal is a practising Solicitor in the Practice of Logan and Corry Solicitors based in County Tyrone.

He has been involved in private practice for over twenty years, throughout which time he has been directly involved in dispute resolution of many kinds. Accordingly, he brings much practical experience to bear on any mediation or alternative dispute resolution situation. Feargal is accredited under the Law Society mediation training scheme and has been involved, in particular, in disputes of a sporting nature and relating to the good governance of sporting bodies. The practical benefits of early and effective dispute resolution are considered central and Feargal retains a very broad experience across the areas of mediation, arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution generally.

Mediation Focus

Civil & Commercial Mediation
Family Mediation
Workplace & Employment Mediation
Sporting Disputes.