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22 May 2013

The growing importance of mediation as a means of resolving disputes in Northern Ireland has been highlighted this week with the launch of a new website. is a dedicated information portal which has been launched to provide parties involved in a dispute with the option of selecting a mediator via the websites new online directory.

Over the last decade mediation has become a central part of an ever changing legal environment in which courts are encouraging parties to seek resolution before coming to court.

Evidence continues to show that it is an effective means of resolving disputes often in a simpler, cheaper, quicker and less stressful way that going to court.

In response the new website, which is  hosted by the Dispute Resolution Service and administered by the Law Society of Northern Ireland, has been designed to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for users showcasing the benefits of mediation as well as the contact details for qualified local  lawyer mediators trained specifically to work with disputing parties.

Whether it’s a family, divorce, commercial or conveyancing dispute the new website provides litigants and the general public with options for consideration to help them resolve their ongoing and often protracted disputes.

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Mr Brian Speers, Law Society Council Member and Chairman of the Dispute Resolution Service Project Management Board said:

"The Law Society and the legal profession in Northern Ireland have shown that they are receptive to the needs of litigants and responsive to the changing legal landscape. The opportunity to resolve a dispute in a satisfactory way through use of a legally qualified mediator is increasingly encouraged by the courts.  Mediation in many cases is effective quick and involves less cost than a court hearing.

We are therefore delighted to launch which provides access to information and a directory of professionally trained lawyer mediators who can help parties in the resolution of their dispute”.

David Ford, Minister of Justice, who attended the launch said:

"I welcome the launch of the 'dedicated information portal on mediation'. It is clearly beneficial to individuals involved in a dispute and to society in general that they are resolved as early as possible, and, where possible, without the emotional and financial cost of litigation."'